Dr. Hilaire Fernandes' information page

Current work

Since 2009, I am teaching mathematics and ICT at Coudriers high school in Geneva. In the context of the deployment of GNU/Linux desktop computers in the schools of the State of Geneva, I am also participating to the teachers training and logistic.

My current interest is on author system for educators to ease the conception of educative materials contextualized in a curriculum. It is related to my previous works on iSTOA, Dr. Geo, artifacts and HCI.

iStoa was my previous research work about interactive learning environment. It was developed with Pharo Smalltalk. It is deeply integrated within the Pharo object graphic system to ease enriched interactive experiences.

I have been also working on Dr. Geo II an interactive geometry framework written for Pharo Smalltalk and Etoys.
See a few on-line videos:

More video on the Dr. Geo web site.

To contact me:

I am bloging at blog.ofset.org/hilaire.

If you are interested my resume.